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Dr. Aundrea T. Harris is a Growth Agent and faith + purpose coach equipping women worldwide to increase their resilience and grow holistically through modalities of healing and mindfulness practices. She has over 20 years of experience helping women uproot patterns not aligned with their destiny, coaching them into a pattern of success in every area of life, one layer at a time. As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Aundrea is committed to getting to the root cause of dysfunction so women can thrive personally and professionally. 

Towards the end of her PhD coursework, Dr. Aundrea experienced a traumatic brain injury due to a five-car collision (July 2016). Through God, mindfulness tools, and self-care, she recovered. She walked confidently in her wholeness during her recovery journey as she conducted workshops, training, keynote, mentoring, and coaching. She persevered through every challenging moment and completed the PhD program with excellence. In her dissertation research, she examined the relationship between mindfulness and resilience in high school teachers relating to decreasing the risk of burnout among teachers. 

Dr. Aundrea is the Founder and CEO of Growing Through Life International, a personal and professional development firm committed to helping women navigate their pathway to growth through their seasons of life. She is the Founder and CEO of FAITH Connection (Finally Allowing It To Happen), a Christian faith-grounded community sharing the message of healing and growth beyond traumatic events through growth tools, transformational workshops, masterminds, retreats, and inspirational products. She has published three books; Seasons of Life: Changed in the Process V1, Growing Through Life: 28 Days of Growth Tools, and Seasons of Life: There is a Purpose V2. She is an advocate for Thyroid Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury. She serves as a Contributing Faculty member and the Chair and Second Committee Member of Doctoral Capstone Studies in the Behavioral Health Leadership Program (I/O Psychology – PsyD) at Walden University.

Dr. Aundrea’s life mission is to be of service to others in embracing seasons of life, extracting growth, and being intentionally well. She is passionate about mending the gap between brokenness and wholeness. She loves coffee and butterflies – representations of transformation and growth!


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