In The Meantime

We all have areas of our lives that we do not demonstrate much strength. As we pursue our goals, we should make sure we take action to strengthen the weak areas needed to accomplish the goals. What goals have you not accomplished yet? Take an assessment of the areas that need improvement. Make a list of ways to development these areas. While you’re waiting to achieve the goal (s) – in the meantime, seek out #Growth (development) for the areas you might show less strength in. Strengthening the weak areas just might be the catalyst to execute our goals in a timely manner.

As always, I am excited to share my dissertation journey with you. I ask that you share this blog with someone else. We all are going through some type of journey and this might be the encouragement you or that person need to go a litter further. Let’s encounter this life changing experience together!

Growth Tool: “


“Be productive while you are in a waiting period; you will thank yourself later” ~ Dr. Aundrea T. Harris

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