Dr. Aundrea's

Model of Resiliency

Dr. Aundrea's Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency helps organizational leaders to grow, holistically.

Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency is an interactive platform for organizational leaders to grow, holistically. Tired of feeling unmotivated, stretched too thin, or not knowing what to do next? Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency promotes the implementation of learning and reciprocal accountability. We are committed to getting to the root cause and plant truth principles that lead to transformation. Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency starts with self-development and ends with increasing your quality of life and level of influence.

Leadership Development and Coaching

10 weeks of intentional actions toward personal and professional development

Quarterly workshops and training focused on personal and professional development

Blog with resources for personal and professional development

E-courses available on demand for personal and professional development

How It Works

Our Areas of Focus


How well do you understand your actual role? Are you well-equipped to carry it out? After our assessment, we prescribe growth tools to help you better understand yourself, your role, and how to live authentically in it.


Do you consistently work through lunch, take files home with you, or feel you're doing the job of three people? By assessing your personal & professional capacities, we prescribe a plan to help you manage your energy, reduce stress, and increase your effectiveness.


Are your environments designed for you to thrive? Our assessment will reveal what you can leverage to get the most out your efforts. We equip you with the tools you need to shift the culture and start seeing immediate improvement.

Is this for you?

An organizational leader is a person who motivates a group of people towards a common goal.
There might be a major life event or transition that you need guidance through. A feeling of “there is more” could be evident in your life and you need direction. There might be a decline in performance, motivation, or satisfaction. These signs of dis-ease could be for your personal or professional life, maybe both. There is a deficiency and steps are needed to transform you into a whole leader which results in a whole organization.

Customers reviews

What leaders are saying

Your training provided insight on what I needed to establish a strong foundation of trust and purpose within our team. I have more clearly identified my role within the team and feel better equipped to serve them.
Jamar V. Stanton
ICC Specialist
Aundrea has consistently demonstrated determination, leadership, and integrity. Through empathy, skillful questioning, and unwavering support she guides people to the finish line of achieving their goal.
Charlie Barton, PhD
Barton Consulting
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As Chief Growth Agent of Growing Through Life International, Dr. Aundrea T. Harris’  passion is to develop whole leaders worldwide and curate a culture of wellness within organizations. She is committed to getting to the root cause of dysfunction, so that leaders can thrive personally and professionally.  
Her growth tools help you find the missing link between where you are and where you should be, through personalized coaching and guidance that will help increase resilience levels, enhance your overall well-being, and grow through life.

Are you ready to build the quality of life you desire?

Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency is currently closed for new participants. If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, please send an email to connect@growingthroughlife.net.