Dr. Aundrea's Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency helps organizational leaders to grow, holistically

Tired of feeling unmotivated, stretched
too thin, or not knowing what to do next?

Many women feel stuck, overwhelmed, and have that sinking feeling of hitting a plateau. Through Pathway to Growth, we help women identify the areas in their personal and professional lives hindering their growth. By partnering with Growing Through Life International, women will:

Pathway to Growth creates a productive environment where women can understand their purpose and see how it aligns with their passion. This often leads to the breakthrough many seek. Clarity and transformation are cornerstones to change. Pathway to Growth is the guide.

Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency is an interactive platform for women leaders to grow, holistically. Through learning and reciprocal accountability, we get to the root cause of setbacks and leverage truth principles that lead to transformation. Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth Model of Resiliency starts with self-development and ends with increasing your quality of life and level of influence.


Leadership Development and Coaching Includes:

how it works

AIM for Growth

Mindful Living

Navigating Seasons of Life

Energy Sufficiency

We focus on the life-changing power of these 3 C’s:

 Competency (Purpose)

How well do you understand your actual role? Are you well-equipped to carry it out? After our assessment, we prescribe growth tools to help you better understand yourself, your role, and how to live authentically in zit.

• Capacity (Performance)

Do you consistently work through lunch, take work home with you, or feel you’re doing the job of three people? By assessing your personal & professional capacities, we prescribe a plan to help you manage your energy, reduce stress, and increase your effectiveness.

• Culture (Perspective)

Are your environments designed for you to thrive? Our assessment will reveal what you can leverage to get the most out your efforts. We equip you with the tools you need to shift the culture and start seeing immediate improvement

Develop a customized growth plan with strategies To implement in your personal and professional life on your pathway to growth

Immersive Growth Intensive with Dr. Aundrea At a date and place to be determined for each cohort. Cultivate Growth is designed to maintain the work you have already done towards your growth. 

*Additional costs for travel expenses

As you continue to grow through life and encounter challenges You have a spot with our team to check-in as needed.

*Discounted 1:1 coaching rate

This is for you if you…

Yes, this is normal. But no, you don’t have to suffer through it. Let us help you take steps to transform you into a whole leader and live life more fully.


Women who experienced Dr. Aundrea’s Pathway to Growth of Resiliency Model have:

Choose from our additional services

This is a free intentional discussion to determine if we are a good fit and which service is appropriate.

1:1 coaching for 8 weeks

This session helps women with multiple roles who have outgrown their current level of success and have hit a plateau by uncovering their purpose and identifying their next steps so they can grow in competence and courage, both personally and professionally.

1:1 coaching for 8 weeks

This support helps women with multiple roles who want to improve their quality of life by eliminating anti-growth factors and creating a personalized growth plan for strategic action.

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